Objectives & Topics

The main objective of the LALD workshop is to foster a research network around educational data issues and Learning Analytics. The workshop will contribute to the following main challenges of the SIG dataTEL and the LinkedEducation platform:

Educational Datasets:

  • Evaluating, promoting, creating and clustering of educational datasets, schemas and vocabularies
  • Feasibility of standardization of educational datasets to enable exchange and interoperability
  • Facilitating the sharing of educational datasets among TEL researchers in
    general, and researchers in the Learning Analytics field, in particular.

Data Technologies:

  • What technologies are available for the exploration of educational datasets, i.e., for filtering, interlinking, exposing, adapting, converting and visualizing educational datasets?
  • What are the real-world applications that show a measureable impact of Learning Analytics and thus successfully promote the field to target groups?
  • Which tools are available to use and exploit educational Linked Open Data?
  • Which innovative TEL applications make large-scale use of the available open Web data?

Evaluation of Technologies and Datasets:

  • Fostering standardized evaluation methods for Learning Analytics
  • Discuss the need of data competitions similar to TREC7 and CLEF8 to compare TEL research and guide people in evaluating and comparing their results

Privacy and Ethics:

  • Contributing to policies on ethical implications of using the educational data for learning analytics (privacy and legal protection rights)
  • Suggesting guidelines for the anonymisation and sharing of educational data for Learning Analytics research